Genuinely good customer service


I really like that Al’s window cleaning provide a comprehensive service. We like to use local companies/business, we saw Al working at a neighbours property and saw that they done a good job. We realised we needed Al’s window cleaning as our windows and gutters looked shabby and dirty , the gutters seemed clogged up. I was presently surprised how clean everything looked after they had been. It’s important that people should know that Al’s window cleaning offer a comprehensive clean if windows & gutters I find remarkable the genuine good customer service. Due to all of the above we want to use Al’s service again.

Mr Richard Etherton (Longford lane, Gloucester)

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Were lucky to know Al’s service

We have known Al for many years; he used to work with Step-A-Side Care Ltd, providing care and support services to disabled children and younger adults. Al demonstrated himself to be a genuine person, an honest hard working and caring guy who took pride in the work he did; this has carried over into his window cleaning.

We know Al gives everything that he can to his work – this is his profession and not just a job. He works hard, he makes sure that you are happy with the job and always has a smile on his face.

Al is at the cutting edge of his industry – he knows what equipment and techniques give the best results and he has invested heavily in ensuring that he sets the highest of standards.

the most important thing people should know about Al’s window cleaning is that, Al’s window cleaning is a professional service, delivered at a reasonable price. We were paying other providers lots of money and not getting anything like the same results – you won’t be disappointed.

Most of the previous window cleaners that we have used have taken our money and run; not really taking pride in their work or the quality of the service that they provide. Al is different; you get a sense that they really want to do an excellent job every time. They also know what they are doing ….. Al advised that we remove the gutter guards on one property which were actually causing more of a problem than they resolved, he saved us some money and expensive repair bills!

I think we were lucky to know Al’s service and we would be very happy to recommend to others. He is honest, flexible and dedicated to customer

I think we were lucky to know Al’s service and we would be very happy to recommend to others. He is honest, flexible and dedicated to customer service – you won’t be disappointed.

Al was is different to others , he told us exactly what we could expect of his service and he clearly takes pride in the end results – leaving impeccably clean windows and unblocked gutters etc.

High quality, friendly and reasonably priced.

Managing Director