Soft Wash Render Cleaning in Longlevens, Gloucester

Soft Wash Render Cleaning in Longlevens, Gloucester
Did you know if you paint your render it can actually cause damage to your home?


K-rend along with other renders are designed to breath, Render is pourus so when you paint render the paint will  fill the breather holes which allow it to breath, this can cause any moisture mould, mildew and  algea to become trapped between the paint and the render, this will keep growing inside and over time can rot your render and actually cause very expensive damage.
Cleaning render using a soft wash solution can make your home look new again without causing damage to your render

Render cleaning Glouceser, mold and mildew on a home on longford lane, Longlevens, Gloucestera great pic of some fantastic soft wash render cleaning results useing the latest in soft washing Gloucester

“The results from Al’s latest cleaning service are amazing! We were dreading the cost and hassle of getting the front of our house repainted to cover the horrible green mould that had grown over the winter. Instead Al washed it all off in around 30 minutes, restoring the wall back to its original colour and saving us a fortune.”

Thanks Al for the fantastic job.

David & Flavia,
For your FREE Soft Wash demo please give us a call to see how great your home can look once again.  Soft wash your way to a beautiful looking home.


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They do provide an excellent service

We Like Al’s window cleaning he comes on a regular basis , they really do provide an excellent service. Al and his team work hard to provide a good service as much as they can! The really do go the extra mile to make me happy I find it remarkleable how high quality the window cleaning service is. The care Al and his team take is amazing they really take pride in making your business sparkle. Al will help in any way he can.


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Just done a few test patches of a potential SOFTWASH JOB in the Cotswolds

check out these results for yourself


• Render
• Stone walls
• Roof
• Cements
• Fencing & wood restoration
• Decking


call today for your FREE test patch/ demo to see how great we can make your home look

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Anybody looking for a quality HOT window cleaning company in the Gloucestershire area

Well we may not be as HOT as the model in this video but can do a great job on your windows , frames and doors we're definitely HOT with all this hot weather ALSO

• Fully insured
• windows, frames & doors cleaned every time
• online payments
• uniformed staff
• 100% guarantee for all work


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Possibly the best window cleaner of all time...

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