render cleaning, Soft washing in the Cotswolds, Gloucestershire

Render cleaning, Soft washing in the Cotswolds, Gloucestershire

It was a beautiful day in the Cotswolds and I was on my way to a lovely home in a beautiful area of Gloucestershire

The scenery was beautiful and the air was fresh, I turned up to the house set in a farm with hundreds of acres surrounding the lovely view, cattle making noises in the background. It was lovely the home was a lovely home surrounded by Cotswold stone walls and an old traditional farm yard house. It was awesome.

The only down side was all the dirt the build of algae on the walls of the house over years had turned black it was almost like a thick mould and mildew had taken hold of the house, there were thick layers of moss on the roof.. well that was like my dream job, grime, fungi,,.. it was as they say  fungelicious

The fungi’s, spores and mould were everywhere..  it was really making the house look aged.

Anyhow  to the customer hello how are you how can I help?

Well the render is looking particularly bad do you think you can clean the render. we thouRender cleaning in the cotswolds, Gloucestershireght about having it painted but then saw that you can actually clean it.

I replied as it was quite a thick bobbly render, we can try a render cleaning test patch out to see what sort of results you can expect.

Any way the lady in question carried on inside going about her business.. right its soft wash time.

I pull out the soft wash reel and flicked the switch on the soft wash blend system ready to go , its soft wash application time my favourite time of the day, the sodium hypochlorite mixed with green wash from soft wash solutions based in the states hit the roof then the render and Render Cleaning Gloucesterwallah the dirt was gone, the 50 years of grime and in fact been killed and washed away, leaving the area lovely and clean.. and looking great too, you could clearly see the difference in the areas that had been cleaned


Wow what a difference, we’d like to book you in job done, needless to say it took 2 full days to do full render cleaning service this house followed by a roof cleaning service and what a difference, the money saved from painting was in the thousands and the house also looked great the customer was delighted

If you would be intrested to see for yourself how this could work on your property

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Render Cleaning Gloucester

Al transformed our house for us he has given it a real makeover, after 50 years our render had turned sad & grey battling all weather's!! The roof was laden with years of moss and grime the walls and patios and pathways all in need of Al's magic touch ! It is now young again and looks like new ! Al and his team are very professional would definitely recommend to everyone Thanks Al, grand job !

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Al and his team are trustworthy and personal

The task of cleaning my own windows became too much to manage as the years have ticked on. I saw Al’s Window Cleaning Service doing other houses in the area and was impressed with their quality, professionalism and speed. Al’s modern cleaning methods produces a much better result without the need for ladders which could potentially damage my grassed areas or render on the house. Al and his team are trustworthy and personal.


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Due to loss in the family we’re running behind on rounds Thankyou for understanding!

Nan passed away last night peacefully with her loving family around her!

Rest In peace nan you will go on living in each and every one us you touched!

You are one of the best lady’s I have ever had the pleasure to be in company with, tales of the war the Americans and most of all hot todys

Even at 94 you could still have a great laugh rest in peace nan xx

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