Render Cleaning Cheltenham & Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire

Render Cleaning Cheltenham & Gloucester.

Render cleaning Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire Soft washing tips

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Render Cleaning Cheltenham, soft wash your way to a beautiful building,  households and businesses can suffer from Algae growth on their renderd buildings which can make a business or household look unsightly, dirty and unclean.

This can effect business, if you have clients or potential customers turning up to your building you want to give a good first impression.

The exterior cleaning and restoration services provided by Al’s Window Cleaning Company include;


  • The cleaning, restoration and application of protective coatings to preserve buildings
  • Render Cleaning
  • Playground sanitation
  • Roofs
  • Drives & walk ways
  • Concreate
  • Removal of organic matter & atmospheric pollution
  • Safe systems for working at height
  • Cost effective solutions to clean all types of building exterior surfaces
  • Make your home look great again
  • Just like when you moved in

Algae soft wash removal

Render cleaning Gloucester & Cheltenham

Render Cleaning Gloucestershire

Its never been easier to give your home the amazing clean that it deserves. Simply call Al’s Window Cleaning today on 01452 301342 to book an appointment from Gloucestershire’s finest cleaning company.

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Soft wash render cleaning Cheltenham

Choose a professional soft wash company that can make your home look marvelous, using only the finest soft wash equipment for the finest buildings . Investing in the best equipment available allows us to provide you with the best render cleaning cleaning service you can receive in your area.

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Render cleaning Cheltenham

Low pressure no damage cleaning

Everyone would like their property to look the way it did when it was first built. You can enhance the look of your building via our deep cleaning techniques, removing the discoloration, moss and much more.





Do you want to save money, and reduce risk of injury to your staff?

If the answer is YES to either of these two questions please read on.


The average cost to paint the front elevation of a three storey semi-detached  townhouse is £1,577. So the whole house is near to £5,000 for the three sides.


The costs involved include expensive scaffolding; specialist outdoor masonry paint; and labour over several days. The potential, but very real risk for your staff (contractors) is from the danger of falls from height by the scaffolder and the painter. Before employing people to work at height consider the working at height laws. Please follow the link to the H&SE website for further guidance and complying with the Work at Height Regulations 2005 (WAHR).


Commercial Render cleaning (Soft Wash)

There is now a great alternative way of cleaning render to a high standard all from ground level, instead of painting. Keeping both feet on the ground avoids the expensive use of scaffolding and putting people at risk from working at heights. It will also kill that horrid looking algae growth or black ‘streaks’.


Using reach and wash technology and soft wash blend system can comfortably reach height of up to the height of a four storey building without the need of expensive scaffolding; with no unsightly scaffolding hindering your business or look of your property.


Also by cleaning a building using a soft wash blend system means that you’re not paying for specialist exterior paint, and reduce the time taken to paint, which can run to weeks depending on the size of your property.


Using a soft wash render cleaning contractor can reduce the time taken to bring your render back to new from a few hours, to a day or two, depending on the size of property; saving time and money on labour and ghastly looking scaffolding.


What to do next

Al’s Window Cleaning Ltd will clean your rendered building in a safe, time efficient and cost effective manner. If you would like to have a FREE DEMONSTRATION clean on restoring and protecting your building from new algae growth on any building in Gloucestershire or the South West

call Today on 01452 301 342 and see how much money you could save by having your buildings’ render cleaned instead of painting. Soft wash your way to a beautiful looking building.


When you our services, you are always assured of work that adheres to health and safety regulations, and you have my personal guarantee that the cleaning will be done expertly and to the best of our ability.

For a quote with no hidden charges call into the office or phone and talk to one of my friendly team.

Call today on 01452 301342

Mark Carwardine, step-a-sise care. Als window cleaning service churchdown, Gloucester window cleaner

Were lucky to know Al’s service

We have known Al for many years; he used to work with Step-A-Side Care Ltd, providing care and support services to disabled children and younger adults. Al demonstrated himself to be a genuine person, an honest hard working and caring guy who took pride in the work he did; this has carried over into his window cleaning.

We know Al gives everything that he can to his work – this is his profession and not just a job. He works hard, he makes sure that you are happy with the job and always has a smile on his face.

Al is at the cutting edge of his industry – he knows what equipment and techniques give the best results and he has invested heavily in ensuring that he sets the highest of standards.

the most important thing people should know about Al’s window cleaning is that, Al’s window cleaning is a professional service, delivered at a reasonable price. We were paying other providers lots of money and not getting anything like the same results – you won’t be disappointed.

Most of the previous window cleaners that we have used have taken our money and run; not really taking pride in their work or the quality of the service that they provide. Al is different; you get a sense that they really want to do an excellent job every time. They also know what they are doing ….. Al advised that we remove the gutter guards on one property which were actually causing more of a problem than they resolved, he saved us some money and expensive repair bills!

I think we were lucky to know Al’s service and we would be very happy to recommend to others. He is honest, flexible and dedicated to customer

I think we were lucky to know Al’s service and we would be very happy to recommend to others. He is honest, flexible and dedicated to customer service – you won’t be disappointed.

Al was is different to others , he told us exactly what we could expect of his service and he clearly takes pride in the end results – leaving impeccably clean windows and unblocked gutters etc.

High quality, friendly and reasonably priced.

Managing Director


01452 301342


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