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Roof cleaning Gloucester


On occasions your roof can start to look unsightly, covered in moss, algae or even lichens, you will be pleased to know that our new range of soft wash roof cleaning is one on the safest methods to keep your roof cleaner for longer.

  • Soft Wash Roof Cleaning
  • Stops rapid regrowth of Moss, Lichens and Algae
  • Makes your home look great again
  • Add value  to your home
  • keeps your gutters free from moss so less likely to get blocked up

You can receive a complete cleaning package for your home. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Moss Removal

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Moss removal by hand

Cleaning your roof by hand means that your moss will be instantly free from moss, this option generally cost more due to the roof access on occasions this may require hiring a MEWP or cherry picker on other occasions this may require scaffolding which can also increase the cost. If you want instant results this is the best option to take.


However if you are on a tight budget you can opt for just the soft wash roof cleaning method which on average will save you around £500

Roof Cleaning Gloucester

Soft wash roof cleaning Gloucester

Soft wash roof cleaning

Soft washing a roof will kill moss and depending on what chemicals you choose some can give you quicker results than others it really depends on what you want for your home.

Al’s secret soft wash blend system , it litrally kills the moss dead, turns it white when dead, once dead the moss turns into mush and can be washed away.

Mother nature will take care of any left over moss over the next few months, this soft wash method also leaves your roof looking great

Soft wash Roof cleaning

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No damage cleaning

By removing the moss by hand first and then applying the soft wash will give you the best results and stop rapid re growth of moss for many years to come leaving your home looking great

Everyone would like their property to look the way it did when it was first built. You can enhance the look of your building via our soft wash roof cleaning techniques, removing the discoloration, moss and much more.


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soft wash roof cleaning Gloucester

You love your home, You have invested hundreds of thousands of pounds and worked hard to get were your are today.. You have spend time and money on making your home and garden look and feel amazing.

But that roof is making letting the rest of your lovley home down.

Due to the damp English weather algae, fungi and moss can attach itself to your roof or building, Which can make your home or building look unsightly.

some roof cleaning customers of mine have to used high powered pressure washers to clean these areas but then they soon realize this is a bad idea after blowing the tiles off of the the roof.  Pressure washing roofs can cause more damage than good if not done correctly.

Luckly for you, you dont have to worry, Al’s window cleaning have done extensive research and developed Gloucestershires very first roof cleaning soft wash solution!

that can clean your, tiles roofs and much more useing a low pressure soft wash application.

Using the soft wash techniques brought not only cleans your roof but kills it at the root, stopping it coming back for many years.

As AC would say from soft wash solutions in  it doesn’t just get a hair cut, it kills it at the root.!

Roof cleaning Gloucester, Keeping your building or property cleaner for longer for many years to come, Along with saving you money on expensive repairs from a damaged roof.

Roof Cleaning Gloucester and restoration can effectively remove a whole range of contaminants including;

  • Moss
  • Algae
  • Carbon deposits
  • UV damaged surfaces
  • Man made damage
  • Lichens

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When you our services, you are always assured of work that adheres to health and safety regulations, and you have my personal guarantee that the cleaning will be done expertly and to the best of our ability.

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My window frames came up really white

We chose Al’s Window Cleaning as they are local and text before they come. Al and his team are friendly & reliable, they do a good job.

I was pleasantly surprised how my window frames came up really white.


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