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1How often should I get my windows cleaned?
Everyone has their own preferences, there is no set amount of time which you should have a clean but the longer you leave it the more dirty the windows become. Generally speaking, our regular Gloucester window cleaning rounds are completed on a monthly basis, this maintains your lovely windows throughout the year and you know exactly when your due as visits are regular & reliable.
2Do you clean the window frames?
Would you want really nice shiny windows but dirty frames? No, I didn’t think so! We make sure your frames get cleaned along with the ledges and the glass every single visit. Also you could include extras such as the doors, as long as they are PVC and also any cosmetic PVC that can be cleaned. We like to make your home sparkle.
3How do I pay?
Do you have a busy active lifestyle, work away from your home?. You may not keep cash in the house. Paying is so easy with Go-Cardless. This direct debit system takes care of all the payments for you. Other payment options include BACS or cash.
4Do you clean the insides?
Yes, inside cleaning is an optional extra. We tend to use traditional methods for inside glass such as applicator and squeegee or a pump up sprayer and cloth to polish the glass clean.
5What chemicals do you use in the water?
The water we use is very pure. It has been put through many different filters. The process is called reverse osmosis. We make and store the water and then use it to clean your windows so there are no chemicals or detergents in the water whatsoever. Your windows will dry clear every time.
6Will you leave smears or marks on the glass?
No, you should not get any marks left on the glass, it should dry clear naturally. In the unlikely event there are any marks left you should let us know ASAP and we will pop back and give you a free clean.
7Are you going to dry the windows?
When using a pure water fed pole the glass will be left wet and will dry naturally so there is no need to wipe or squeegee it dry. However there may be times when we use ‘traditional methods’ using a microfibre cloth and squeegee to finish off. If we have used any traditional methods to clean the glass i.e non water fed pole work, your windows will dry clear free from dirt.
8Do you clean in the rain?
Yes, rain water is very similar to the pure water that we use in the cleaning process. We measure something called “TDS” – Total Dissolvable Solids – this is how we can see how pure water is. Gloucester is a very hard water area which means the water we drink from the taps has a very high TDS level. at around 200-300TDS. Ever noticed the lime scale in your kettle? That is a mineral from the water in our taps leaving visable marks. The water we use to clean your windows has had all minerals and impurities removed leaving the TDS extremely low at the level of 000 TDS (PURE WATER) which once dry will leave your glass looking clean and streak free.
Al's Window Cleaning have been cleaning my windows for the last 7 years and have always done a brilliant job. I can rely on them to turn up every 2 months and leave my windows sparkling! I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a professional, reliable, affordable window cleaning company. Thanks Al
Liz Wilmer
Liz Wilmer
14:29 23 Nov 17
We are so delighted with the transformation of our very old and dirty patio, we can't thank Al and his team enough! We thought we'd really need a new patio in the very near future but after Al's soft cleaning procedure it truly is as good as new now!!! From now on we'll never let it deteriorate again, we shall always have Al to maintain the high standard that he achieved! We cannot stop looking at it!! Thanks Al. Best wishes, Rob and Vicky West.
Henry West
Henry West
15:33 16 Oct 17
Sparkling job! We've had our house since February and had lots of work done so the windows, facia and gutters were filthy. Now they are gleaming. Efficient work and a friendly service.
Christopher Jones
Christopher Jones
17:24 15 Nov 17
A reasonably priced, superb service....all delivered with a smile...!Al cleaned all my paths, steps and patio with his new soft clean system. My paths were dangerously slippy but being older I didn't want the mortar to be 'blasted' out. He did the job superbly...all like new! Would highly recommend them.
Julie Farr
Julie Farr
18:04 16 Sep 17
We had a full window and conservatory valet by the boss man himself. Fantastic job and highly professional. Very much recommend.
John Davies
John Davies
15:39 31 Oct 17

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