Pay Here: Go Cardless

How to pay for your Window cleaning

The most popular way of paying for your window cleaning service is now through go-cardless!


6 reasons why customer now choose go-cardless as the most popular way of paying for your window cleaning service

1) “Email notifications when monies are being processed”


2) “worrying about leaving cash out or having cash to hand a thing of the past”


4) On line paper trail of any payments so there are never any discrepancy’s, you can be sure your not getting over charged or paying for a job that was not done”


5) takes away the uncomfortable conversations about outstanding money for window cleaning.”


6) The safest way to pay, Go-cardless uses military-grade security storeing all bank details with RSA encryption and communicate only over secure channels

for any assistance in paying Please:


for help to you set your go-cardless account up over the phone

or call: 01452 301342

VAT REG NO. 254 160623


To Pay instantly through BACS

you will need  Sort code : 40-22-09        Account number: 02502216

Please make sure to leave your Address or invoice number as a refrence when paying online otherwise we may not know that you have paid.

Kind regards your local friendly window cleaning team.

Alex Redworth


01452 301342

07794 602548


Please Enter your address and click the button below to set up your easy payment system via direct debit:


What a great job!

Al is a friendly professional guy that just gets on with the job, to a high level.  Al came to us with the right attitude & enthusiasm. I was pleasantly surprised with the great guarantee for any work that was completed. Al will go out of his way to accommodate our requirements. The quality of service is remarkable, I would recommend to family and friends. We realised we needed Al’s services due to a poor service from a previous company. What a great job!